Freeze Alert! - 10 minutes and 4 steps to help safeguard your sprinklers from a cold snap.

Freezing temperatures are coming! - This year, freezing temperatures are coming early. If you have not been able to winterized your sprinkler system yet, please follow the instructions below to quickly and temporarily shut down your sprinklers for the cold snap we are expecting. We recommend "Blowing-out" your system in the next couple of weeks to fully protect your sprinklers through the winter, but these steps will help protect you from the immediate cold snap.

Step #1 - Please turn off the water inside your home by turning the valve handle so that it is perpendicular to your pipe (wait to remove the drain cap until Step #4).
Step #2 - Next, open the manual drain valve in your valve box (if you have multiple valve boxes, please check each one). This valve can be either brass or pvc, but is very different from your sprinkler valves.
Step #3 - Then turn ALL the valves on your backflow prevention device to a 45 degree angle to allow for drainage (including the flat head small valves). When the pressure is released you may see some water drip from the top of the bell... this is normal :)
Step #4 - Go back inside with a bucket and drain any residual water in you coper mainline by removing the small cap past the mainvalve shutoff. That's it! Please "Blow-out" your system in the next few weeks.
The process above is a temporary measure you can take to help safeguard your sprinklers from a cold snap. This process does not protect your pipes below grade from freezing, therefore we still recommend "Blowing-out" your sprinklers in the next couple of weeks. Our schedule does not permit us to winterize everybody's sprinklers before the weekend, so please protect yourself, and follow these instructions.
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