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It's time for Fall Clean-ups! With all the thousands of leaves falling on your lawn or in your pond, now is the time to get them up before the snow starts. This is also the time for wrapping tree trunks, cutting back grasses, perennials, and pruning trees and shrubs. This is also a great time to put down a new layer of compost or mulch to help protect your plants. Call us to have your landscape professionally prepared for winter! 303.288.5893

Sprinkler & Pond Winterization - Don't forget to winterize your sprinklers! As colder temperatures close in, the risk of damage to your irrigation system increases. Now is the time to start winterizing your system. You can follow the instructions on our website here.

*****Please remember to winter water your plants when the weather is warm and dry this winter. Your plants depend on you!!!*****

If you have a pondless or small water feature you will need to remove your pump to store indoors. If you have a larger water feature but do not plan on running it through the winter, you will need to do the same.

Bulbs and Fall Containers- Now is the time to plant spring bulbs. We can customize a beautiful bulb display for you!

Want to extend your fall decor outdoors? We can customize Fall containers to include plants that can tolerate our changing weather. Just in time for Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Holiday Containers and Lights - Whether you have your own lights, or need new ones, we can help you with your holiday lighting needs!

Tired of looking at empty containers during the winter months? Let us transform them for the Holidays!

Referrals - As you know, this is a very competitive industry and referrals are the best way to get our name out! If you refer us to a new client and we get the job, we promise to make it worth your while! We truly appreciate it!

Small Projects - Believe it or not, wintertime is a great time for certain types of projects. Whether it is a kitchen structure, pergola, deck, or landscape lighting, our crews keep going strong even through the cold weather! Call us for winter deals!

Call Us! - 303.288.5893

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