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Gearing up for the season- We can help you get ready for the 2010 growing season. Here are some useful tips and ideas to help you get your landscape looking great for the 2010 season. You will also find ideas on how to get green by being "green." Please call with questions or for more information: 303.288.5893

Sprinkler Startups - Mid April is usually a safe time to start up your sprinkler systems. However, you can usually fire up your sprinklers temporarily as weather allows before that time, and then do a quick shutdown if a freeze is coming. If you need to schedule a startup, please call us, or click here for Do-It-Yourself guides for sprinklers.
Adding Color - Now is the best time to schedule your next phase of plantings! We are scheduling plantings of Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Annuals, and Containers later this Spring! Don't wait until our schedule fills up - Call Meghan at 720.339.5463
Over-Watering?! - Are you using too much water on your landscape, or paying too much on your monthly water bill? Several factors could be causing over-watering and high water bills (including subterranean leaks). We can help troubleshoot these areas and help you save and conserve water usage. We can also install a moisture sensor override to your system to prevent you from watering when you don't need to. You could save around 30% on your irrigation bill every month by simply installing a simple upgrade like this. Call for pricing.
Spring Cleanups and Pond Cleanings - Call us to schedule your spring cleanups and pond cleanings. We will be starting these in early to mid April. Cleanups focus on planting, rock, and mulch beds and may include cutting back ornamental grasses, weeding, pre-emergent application for rock and mulch beds, an application of "Revive" in planting beds, irrigation startups, pruning of trees and shrubs under 15' in height for winter die-back and to promote attractive growth habits, top-dressing mulch beds, and tidying up rock and mulch beds. (This is not a lawncare service, it is primarily for planting beds, rock and mulch areas). Pond Cleanings may include draining, power-washing, refilling, checking underwater lights, recharging beneficial bacteria in filtration media, and startup of system (please let us know if you have fish as this can change the method of cleaning for your pond). Call for pricing, or click here for Do-It-Yourself ideas.
Lighting - Low voltage lighting can easily be added to a new or mature landscape. Manufacturers are introducing new and more efficient fixtures, that can extend your outdoor enjoyment into the evening hours! Are you tired of changing bulbs? Have you seen the new LED light fixtures? They no-longer are bound to the cold harsh blue and white light... many new lights now have a warm but bright light that can really enhance your outdoor living space! Call for more information. To learn more about how to maintain your existing landscape lighting click here.
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