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landscape design
brick blue flagstone patio
brick patio
3d vegetable garden rendering
formal raised vegetable garden
clematis vines on fence
brick blue flagstone patio stripstone wall
formal foundation plantings
custom arbor
brick and flagstone patio

The striking contrast of red brick and stone against blue flagstone plays a key role in creating a contemporary feel. Yet, the spanish style of the home was preserved by using these materials in a formal way using patterns and inlays. Arcs soften straight lines and provide an intimate transition between levels and spaces. Instead of hiding a utilitarian vegetable garden out of view in a forgotten space beside the garage, this design creates intrigue and provides a destination to a formal garden framed by a custom arbor decorated with flowering trumpet vines. Although the patio takes up most of the space of the back yard, heavily planted garden beds help soften the landscape, and create that "patio garden" feel.
Features: Brick Patio, Blue Flagstone Patio, Custom Arbor, Formal Raised Vegetable and Herb Garden, Outdoor Lighting, Stripstone Walls
Location: Denver
Designer: Stephen Himschoot