Portfolio - By Feature - Fire Features

The unique property of fire can be utilized not only for heat, but for a spectacular focal point in your landscape from a naturalistic style to more architectural and sculptural. With the use of natural gas, fire is no longer bound by a standard shape pit, and maintenance is practically nonexistent! We have built features which incorporate meandering fire lines, different levels, independent nozzles and more! Serpentine burners are flexible and can cover any shape and size, while pre-made burners can fit most any standard shape and size. Large pits can be separate by independent valves offering the option to have only a portion burning for a small group of people, or the entire feature burning for larger groups. Different media can be used in fire pits and places to create unique styles like crushed glass, glass pebbles, sand, ceramic rocks, lava rock, ceramic log kits, and custom iron log kits and sculptures. Fire can create an intimate ambiance for your landscape; and for more formal areas, we can design and build custom fireplaces and surrounds. There are many more opportunities including fire walls, torches, bowls, and water feature combinations.