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landscape design
patio garden
stepping stones with ground cover
paver patio
outdoor daybed nook
variegated iris
sunken patio
clay pitcher fountain
cowboy boot planter
landscape design
spring plantings
summer plantings
roses and salvia
large container plantings

This small space with sever grade challenges provided a wonderful opportunity to think outside the box. The rustic theme was brought to life by material choices and informal patio edges. The garden style landscape was filled with perennials and bulbs to five color all season long, the back yard was done as part of the first phase. The front yard was re-landscaped as part of the second phase, as shown later.
Features: Retaining Walls, Paver Patio, Raised Planters, Plantings, Synthetic Turf for Dogs, Outdoor Day Bed, Chiminea, Boulder Steps, Granite Boulders
Location: Reunion, Commerce City
Designer: Stephen Himschoot and Meghan Himschoot