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Stone Tile Patio
Sunken Hot Tub
Patio with Sunken Hot Tub
Outdoor Kitchen with Bar
Corner Fountain and Planter
Stone Slate Patio
Outdoor Living
Water Weir

This project separated outdoor rooms by elevation and purpose. The first level includes an outdoor kitchen and bar enclosed by a privacy and seat wall with stone veneer. A small fountain and weir above a hidden echo chamber in the corner of the patio lend the space an ambiance of soothing sound. On the other side of the yard is another raised patio and seat wall designed to conceal a sunken hot tub, and provide intimate privacy. The lowest level joins these separate spaces and provides a unique "middle ground" with a warm outdoor fireplace available to each space which also provided additional privacy from the community sidewalk along the fence line. Structural slabs on grade beams with helical piers were needed to compensate for severely expanding soils.
Features: Slate Patio, Seat Wall, Privacy Wall, Outdoor Kitchen, Outdoor Fireplace, Sunken Hot Tub, Raised Planter, Water Feature
Location: Broomfield