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Using combinations of Form, Color, and Texture is essential to creating a beautiful landscape. Plants help soften the look of the landscape and create a warm and inviting ambiance. Creative use of plantings can also create screening or baffles for privacy and intimacy. Specimen plantings can also be used to create a focal point or character to a landscape. But perhaps most importantly, plantings are used to establish or enhance a theme and style to your landscape. This can be understood easily by looking at the difference between an English Perennial Garden, a Japanese Garden, and a Modern Garden. These styles don't necessarily rely on their surrounding hardscapes, but the simple choice of plant material and placement can create vast differences in the look and feel for the space they are in! We can create these spaces by using and combining specific plants based on their soil, light, and water requirements as well as their unique physical and growth characteristics. Whether you are looking for a year-round garden, or seasonal garden, we can help!