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Landscape Design
Patio and Pergola
Craftsman style Pergola
Naturalistic Water Feature
Custom Bench and Fire Pit
Naturalistic Water Feature
Fire Pit
Custom Gate
Granite Boulder Steps
Paver Path and Steps

This project transformed the virtually un-usable front yard of this Boulder home into an intimate outdoor living space and entertaining area. The elevation changes provided wonderful opportunities to create a sunken private patio and dramatic waterfall with a portion of the patio covered by a custom pergola. An adjacent patio space was designed to create a fire pit as the focal point directly out from the front door, where a custom bench made from solid pieces of hand hewn lumber provide seating for multiple parties. Large granite boulders were used to retain the large grade changes, and select stones were used to create an informal staircase to the garage above. These boulders also served to create several nooks for the plentiful collection of garden gnomes acquired from house warming gifts. A gated arbor entrance was also built to greet guests and create a sense of heirarchy for the new garden.
Features: Boulder Retaining Walls, Custom Pergola, Fire Pit, Custom Bench, Custom Arbor, Landscape Lighting, Water Feature, Paver Patio, Boulder Steps, Custom Gate, Plantings
Location: Boulder
Designer: Meghan Himschoot and Stephen Himschoot