Portfolio - By Project - Modern Hardwood

Inspired by a look the homeowner saw in New York, this design needed to confront some site challenges. Having such a small narrow yard, we had to get creative to include all the desires the homeowner wanted to see in the space. They wanted lots of additional seating for guests, storage space for pillows and blankets, screening for privacy, raised vegetable beds, patio space lit by string lights, and still room for colorful plants. The built-in bench with planters and hinged seats made the perfect dining and storage space, while creating a great entertaining space and focal point. The cool pennsylvania blue flagstone looked beautiful next to the warmth of the Brazilian Hardwood.
Features: Deck, Custom Bench with built-in storage, Raised Planters, Flagstone Patio, Privacy Screens, Patio String Lights
Location: Stapleton
Designer: Meghan Himschoot