Portfolio - By Project - Nature vs Man

Landscape Sketch
Natural Fire Pit
Mountain Naturalistic Landscape
Air Conditioning Screen
Flagstone Stepping Stones
Landscape Berms
Informal Pathway
Stone Slab Steps
Flagstone Steps
Berms with Boulders
Flagstone Steppers

The theme of man versus nature, and nature reclaiming its territory played out through the entire design. This theme is illustrated in the way the deck weaves around the edges of the boulders, and how the placement of boulders along the path cause the path to meander around them. One focal element is the fire pit, and how it is built into a rock outcropping right along the side of the deck, blending into the landscape during the day, but illuminating the entire space at night. This design breaks the traditional landscape molds.
Features: Naturalistic Fire Pit, Stone Slab Steps, Moss Boulders, Flagstone Path, Mountain Naturalistic Plantings, Deck
Location: Westminster
Designer: Stephen Himschoot