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landscape design
grand stone entrance
slab stepping stones
post column lamp
multi-level fire pit
flagstone patio
flagstone patio stone bench
color changing underwater lights pink
color changing underwater lights green
color changing underwater lights blue

This landscape has most everything you can ask for in outdoor living! The grand entrance was designed to enhance and compliment the architecture of the home, while providing ample room to greet and entertain. The courtyard past the entrance contains a custom wall fountain which serves as the main focal point from the home office window. The front water feature is visible to the street and the entrance creating a focal point and sense of hierarchy for the back water feature, while drowning out noise from the street. The back yard consists of large flagstone patios connecting a pagoda, outdoor kitchen covered by a loggia, fire pit area, and a sitting area with raised planters. The back water feature combines a dramatic 6' tall weir of water, streams and waterfalls on both sides, and bubbling stone columns. Color changing underwater lights were used to make an even more dramatic presence, and a multistage pump was installed so the homeowner could adjust the flow of water and noise level based on the theme of entertainment. A large spaded maple was craned in for the contemplation garden which is surrounded by a seat wall with columns and post lights. The gardens were designed for all seasons so they provide year-round color and texture, while seasonal annuals and bulbs provide intense waves of color throughout the growing season.
Features: Front Water Feature, Back Water Feature, Courtyard Fountain, Multilevel Fire Pit, Grand Entrance, Contemplation Garden, Flagstone Patios, Landscape Lighting, Four Season Garden
Location: Greenwood Village
Designer: Stephen Himschoot